August 10, 2006

Queen of Butterflies

Queen of Butterflies
Originally uploaded by Citizen Rob.
Sometimes cool stuff happens because I have a blog.

Such as this very cool art created for Schuyler by my friend Beth at She was inspired by my recent entry about taking Schuyler to Mexico to see the butterfly sanctuaries (a trip that I am now more determined than ever to take her on one day).

I already ordered a print of it and am going to have it framed when it gets here. Then I am going to give it to Schuyler and watch her tiny head explode with joy.

Celebrating Schuyler is something I will never do half-heartedly. She is the reason I do anything in this world, she is the person who never disappoints me and never looks at me with disdain or anything less than total love. At the end of my days, she's the one who'll be standing beside me, and when I am gone, she's the one who'll remember that I was here and that I loved, too much and imperfectly sometimes, but never with anything less than my whole heart.

Anyway, thank you, Beth. Very very cool.


Anonymous said...

Rob, those words really grabbed me. What a lucky kid she is to have a father like you. And SHE knows it! Monarchs or no... :)

Wren said...

Terrific collage. Wish I knew how to make things like that, or wasn't too lazy to learn how. Love it!

Laura K. said...

I do that digital scrapbooking too if you ever have a request I can make you something as well!

here's a link to my gallery:

Keri said...

Very very cool, indeed! This may be just the thing to get you motivated and geared up for the trip in February!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Rob.

celestial opus said...

Collage is great! All that's missing is her old halloween costume as a fairy princess.

bozoette said...

That's just simply beautiful.