December 27, 2007

SCHUYLER'S MONSTER: What’s the book about?

Transcript: (Thanks to our good friend Pat!)

Rob: So I guess it's the first question that most authors get: What is your book about? I'm not sure that I have a real easy answer for that. On the surface, at least, it's a story about a little girl, with a crazy, cool attitude, and an independent spirit, but also with a problem, with a serious problem, her monster, that affects her quality of life pretty seriously.

And it's also the story of her father, me, and how I had to learn to become the person that she needed for me to be, even though I had my own insecurities, and even though I was convinced I was the wrong person for the job; but I had to step up and is the story of how she taught me to be the person that she needed and the father that she required. I guess if I had to, if I had to give an easy answer I would say even though it sounds kind of corny, I would say it's a love story. It's a story about love and how sometimes, that's all you have, sometimes that's the only, that's the only weapon you've got against, against a monster – is you've got your love. And it may be dumb love and it may be uninformed and just blind, but sometimes it is enough, at least to get you to the places that you need to be.

So I guess I've written a love story; which I'm not sure what I set out to do, but...


Anonymous said...

Hey Rob, I would love to know what you are saying in the video so would you mind typing out what you said (either subtitles or a text under the video would be great)? In case you forgot, I'm Deaf. ;)

meanderings said...

"A love story" How perfect!

Robert Hudson said...

would you mind typing out what you said (either subtitles or a text under the video would be great)?

Yeah, there's fourteen of these videos that I'll be posting. I'll get right on that!

(Imagine me saying "um" a lot and you'll pretty much have it...)

peg said...

I am new here and am really looking forward to getting this book and reading it. I found you, Rob, on another on-line program just looking around. Amazing how little the world gets when finding someone that has the same last name!


Anonymous said...

I have, Dear CitizenRob, during these past few months, been in the shadows, watching, reading and learning about your beautiful daughter and your extreme love for her. I watched your videos today with such awe, as she played among the butterflies -- God's creatures. While I understand your need to cast blame, Dear Rob, do not blame God for what's happening to Schuyler. It is Satan who comes to kill, steal and destroy. God is the giver of life and of all things beautiful. We (his creation) are the ones who screwed up (with the help of Satan) and are now living with the consequences of that decision. See details in the Holy Bible.
God gave you the gift of this beautiful child. Perhaps -- just perhaps -- her special need makes you a better person. Don't sell God short -- He loves you both.
Has Schuyler ever seized? If not, that's a gift from God. If she has seized and survived -- that's a gift from God. Your unique ability to share your story is also a gift from God. The list goes on.
The amazing love that you have for Schuyler is just a fraction of how much God loves her -- and you. Count your blessings, Dear Rob.

Anonymous said...


Bravo! Succinct and spoken from the heart.

I bought the book on Amazon last week and eagerly waiting to read it. I'll be bringing it to my 5th grade classroom to show them what they can accomplish with passion and dedication.


Anonymous said...

I'm delurking for a moment here to congratulate you, because you so deserve to hear that more than I think you probably do. I started reading you way way back when Schuyler was in diapers and you wrote crazy entries about that crazy old woman who stalked your old apartment. At any rate, as a long-ago reader who is happy to have found you again and a teacher who has worked with inclusion kids for the last fifteen years and as a wanna-be published writer (someday)...and mostly, as a hat is totally off to you. I hope this new year is filled with many, many blessings.