December 29, 2007



Rob: So for years, I wrote online about my life and my life with Schuyler. I didn't write a lot about Julie. She had asked early on for her privacy. I think she thought that the blogging thing, it was like the Truman Show and she was going to be on display and have her life on display all the time, so I respected that. And so she was sort of the silent partner.

Julie: I'm a hermit, and I don't like people who don't know me to know about me, I guess. In person it's fine, but I don't know. I just got a little spooked, I guess?

Rob: The book certainly reflects more of Julie's role in Schuyler's life. She's a fantastic mom, she's incredible. But it's still my story. Julie's story is hers to tell. I would not feel comfortable trying to tell her story. And so instead it's a book about a father, and a book about my experiences with Schuyler, certainly.

Julie: I just feel that fathers need to have a good say in things as well, and it's not just, you know, "Here, you play with the kid and then go do your thing." You really, you interact with her really well, and she really loves you a lot. I think it's nice.

Rob: Maybe one day Julie will tell her story. I think that would be kind of cool.


Shannon said...

I've watched some of the clips of Julie and I can see how wonderful and passionate and nurturing she is.

Schuyler couldn't have better parents caring for her.

I think the love and support you are both giving her now will only lend itself to her being a secure, confident and independent woman down the road.

Too bad you both didn't write a book about how to co-parent Schuyler. It takes a lot of compromise and respect to do so they way you two are.

Robert Hudson said...

Too bad you both didn't write a book about how to co-parent Schuyler.

Yeah, but then we'd be the only people who'd need to read it. Also, we'd still be trying to agree on Chapter One...

Anonymous said...

Julie, a few months ago I was sent a link to Rob's blog. I have a wordless child fighting a monster, too, and a friend thought I would benefit from reading here. I have.

I never know what to say to Rob directly (except at this moment, "Hello!") Every time I'm tempted to comment, I just can't find adequate words before tearing up. I can only remain coherent long enough to say I truly cannot imagine a better pair of parents for Schuyler than you two, for way too many reasons to list.

My child has a different monster, but I did just want to say to you that another mom has a little sense of what you live with and cry happy and sad tears over and thinks you are doing one HELL of a job.