April 4, 2006

The Seedy Side of eBay

Forbidden naughty shoes
Originally uploaded by Citizen Rob.
I finally listed my used Vans and Chuck Taylors on eBay this weekend. It's the first time I've ever listed something on eBay, but I believe I got it mostly right. I think I was pretty straight-forward in my descriptions of the shoes. I don't think anyone is going to open a box and say "Hey, wait a minute. These aren't new!"

Here's what you won't see there, however. There are two pairs of shoes that I listed that I described as "well worn". I didn't pull any punches about their condition, but I listed them because in both cases, when I've worn them in public, I've had people ask about them and tell me that they aren't in production anymore. One of them, a pair of black checkered Vans high tops (yeah, Vans, not Converse) have been especially coveted.

When I went to eBay check on how things were going, I found that these shoes had been deleted. I wasn't 100% shocked, since I know they have rules about the condition of used clothes that are being sold, and while I've seen some nasty nasty stuff listed on eBay, these were pretty worn out shoes I was listing.

What puzzled me was the reason for the deletion, which occurred due to "miscategorization":

Materials adult in nature or otherwise not appropriate for minors (individuals under 18 years of age) may only be listed in eBay's Mature Audiences area.

Wow. It didn't even occur to me to market directly to that lucrative shoe fetish crowd.


A Friend said...

Okay, that's weird.

Robert Hudson said...

Apparently my shoes are too sexy for eBay.

Snarkasaurus said...

lol you are way behind the times....check out the used 'jock' socks....there's a whole industry out there!

Pegkitty said...

Wow,, great descriptions! They almost make me want to buy a pair. But trying to explain to my boyfriend why I've purchased a pair of "Darn-Tootin Rob's" used shoes might get a little weird.

grandefille said...

Apparently my shoes are too sexy for eBay.

We could've told you THAT, Rob.


tiff said...

So, did you list them in the adult section or what? Ya might get lots more money for them there.

Ew. I think I just grossed myself out a little.

CameraDawktor said...

That is so funny about what E-Bay said about your shoes...weird!

Yeah, I remember the black checkered vans. This is so LOL! I was in 6th or 7th grade and couldn't afford any, think this is when they first became popular and first came out. Anyway, I got some white canvas boat shoes (think that's what they were called) and some embroidery paints. Painted my own damn shoes. Nobody had anything like them and got quite a few compliments. Wish I had a picture of that! Probably could sell them on e-bay now, as antiques!!!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

My tax guy said that his son once made $4000 by selling used stinky socks on Ebay. I think this was before they instituted their stricter clothing rules.

I guess there is always Craigslist ...