July 9, 2012

Running on Empty

On Facebook the other day, I made a statement in regards to the rapper 50 Cent and his ugly Tweets in which he used autism and special education as cheap insults.

I said:
"I love a good outrage as much as anyone, but honestly? If I were required by law to give two shits about what 50 Cent thinks, I'd have to borrow them both."
A few people took me to task for that, and they weren't wrong to do so. While I haven't exactly changed my position on this concerning the amount of outrage I have been able to muster about 50 Cent and his opinion about anything at all, I do try to at least address my lack of outrage and what that might mean about me at the moment.

You can go read about it on today's Support for Special Needs.


The Sasquatch said...

If we were required to take up arms every time somebody said something stupid about the issues that matter to us most, we'd spend all our time fighting trolls and none of it fighting the real battles we face. What your response tells me is you have better uses of your time than worrying about what fiddy thinks about autism. That's a good thing.

GB's Mom said...

It is called survival. Your energy goes where it needs to go. No one has the right to take you to task for how much energy you have at a given moment. You are a survivor and that is what you need to be. Schyler needs you to survive. It may be the biggest gift you can give her.