January 4, 2016

Just possible

Today at Support for Special Needs:
We were in line at the grocery store (the place where all these kinds of stories seem to take place). When we reached the front, we saw our cashier, a nice, smiling young woman who had a lightweight, active-type model wheelchair parked behind her register. She and Julie chatted as we checked out, and she watched Schuyler very closely as we interacted. (I believe I was being my usual mature self.) We're accustomed to Schuyler being watched; there's a kind of "Uh oh, what's going on here?" moment with people when they realize that things are not quite what they appear with my daughter. But this time, there was no trepidation in her look, only friendly curiosity.


Unknown said...

Love. The. Hair. Beautiful and fitting. By the way, about 30 years ago I did the same exact thing...the day before senior pictures. My parents were, well, unenthused. I still play with my hair. It's an accessory. And Schuyler looks BEAUTIFUL no matter what style she has...her smile carries it off well!!

lemniskate67 said...

trying to re-subscribe to get an email every monday when you post thanks to an email crash, and I can't find an rss feed/atom link anywhere. Help? thanks :D

jeesau said...

This one choked me up. "Just possible" is damn brave and strong. I need that motto right about now. Thank you!