September 1, 2014

On Labor Day, 2014

Today, at Support for Special Needs:
I'm not usually one for writing contrived holiday-themed posts here ("It's Arbor Day, folks, and special needs families just love trees!"), but I think I'm going to make an exception for Labor Day. There are a lot of hard working people in this country, but those of us in the world of disability parenting find ourselves surrounded by the hardest working humans on the planet. For our kids, finding success in school and in the world is a lot like being an astronaut. We understand that the person standing on the moon is an extraordinary individual, and we celebrate that person's achievement. We do so, however, with the knowledge that it took a team to support those efforts and help that astronaut arrive.


Bev Sykes said...

Sadly the link did not work.

Unknown said...

Rob, the link to the article doesn't work ... wanna read!

Barbara Walsh said...

Rob. The link says error 404 Page not found. Any way to clear that u?. By the way, Schuyler,saw you sign I love you. Love you too.

Unknown said...

Link is giving error 404, is all.

Robert Hudson said...

Fixed, sorry!