June 3, 2009

SoCal with the RumHuds

The fam
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Southern California Meet-up with the Rummel-Hudsons

Robert, Julie and Schuyler will be in Costa Mesa, California for the 2nd Annual Microcephaly Convention, June 18-21, 2009. If you aren't attending the conference but would like to meet the Rummel-Hudsons, join us on Thursday afternoon or Sunday morning for a little informal get-together.

June 18, 2009 | 12:30pm
The Beach Pit BBQ
1676 Tustin Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

June 21, 2009 | 10:00am
West LA Farmers Market in Santa Monica
11360 Santa Monica Blvd
West Los Angeles, CA 90025

RSVP to info@schuylersmonster.com


ginger said...

If you're not expecting gobs of people, may I suggest Beach Pit BBQ off 17th Street in Costa Mesa? There's a gated play area in the front, you know, in case Schuyler gets bored hanging with you grown-ups.

thebenshow said...

I am so happy to have found your blog. I purchased your memoir today. I have a five year-old little boy who just got his FIRST AAC device last month! It is the Vantage Lite. Ben has had two diagnosis (I don't know the plural of that), the first being Schizencephaly, the second being congenital stroke (Cerebral Palsy). We are on our second neurologist and they still can't quite figure out his inability to speak, although it seems to have everything to do with muscle control. We adopted Ben when he was nearly four years old, and so in the past year and a half we have walked that road of hope beyond hope that he would one day speak (he receives daily speech therapy), but it is likely that he will not ever "speak" in the traditional sense. His sign language is very impressive, but he is SO empowered with his Vantage Lite. Now if his mom and dad could just get better at programming it.

Thank you for being one voice that we can relate to as parents of an amazing, adventurous child, who cannot "speak."

Anonymous said...

10 AM?!

But... but... I'd have to GET UP EARLY.

margaret said...

I think the Beach Pit BBQ looks great!!

the Daigles said...

Beach Pit BBQ is a great option. We will attend, 4 of us,. My daughter, Kourtney, has a Vantage Lite, and we work with Margaret Perkins of PRC (who let us know about this event :) ). Kathy Daigle