December 3, 2007

The Boy in the Moon The Boy in the Moon


Anonymous said...

Rob, As a long time reader of your blog, you can imagine my surprise when I saw your link to Ian Brown's story.
You see, Walker is my neighbour. Although Ian Brown is one of Canada's foremost journalists, I know him best as Walker's Dad. I have always wanted to sit with Mr. Brown and ask him more about Walker, his situation, his feelings. But, instead, as my kids 'play' with Walker in the park and on the street, I carry on neighbourly banter with Ian, complete with lots of smiles. I hope he can see that when I say "Wow, Walker looks handsome in those new shoes" I'm really saying "I see you. I see how hard you're working. I want you to know I think you're brave. I want you to know my heart is reaching out to yours."
A lovely, lovely article that has Toronto and my neighbourhood all abuzz. So glad you could share it with your readers.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a great story. You can really tell how much the dad loves his son through his writing.

Anonymous said...

Rob I was so pleased that you linked to this story. I'm a Torontonian and saw this story in the paper on the weekend and thought of you. You have so eloquently discussed the issues of your daughter's monster and speak for so many parents who must deal with all types of monsters daily.

Robert Hudson said...

The thing that struck me was how very similar some of the things he has to say felt to how I have felt in the past, particularly when things looked a lot darker than they do now. I am moved by this story to the point that I don't really have adequate words to express my feelings.

adequatemom said...

Thanks for posting this, Rob. Really makes me think about what it means to be a parent, and the value of everyday, ordinary moments.

Omar said...

I found it incredibly moving, too. The video on the site is really well done -- newspapers keep trying to do this sort of thing and very rarely does text, video and sound work together so well to tell a story.

I'm looking forward to the next two parts.

Shannon said...

"I am moved by this story to the point that I don't really have adequate words to express my feelings."


I'm mad at myself right now for even griping at the slightest of mishaps.

Waiting on part 2 and 3.