June 28, 2017

The Monster We All Feed

Today at Support for Special Needs:
We live in a society where rape culture isn’t just a thing, but a gigantic thing. It’s a monster that we feed constantly, with our popular media and our societal privilege and an institutionalized misogyny that permeates our judicial systems and is now entrenched and protected at the highest levels of the executive. I wish I’d done more in the course of my life to fight that culture of rape and misogyny. I wish my commitment to fighting it had begun in my heart because I’m a human being and not because I’m the father of a daughter. Like the roots of my disability advocacy, it’s a shitty reason for me to care. As a privileged white male in this country, I’m the problem. I should have been talking about this for decades. I have a lot of catching up to do; many of us do.

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Rebecca Yourig said...

Yes. It's a tough figure to swallow. It's high enough for women overall. Date rape, family rape, friend rape all under reported. I remember in college, many women raped but shoved the thought to back of head. Drink too much, bad judgement, wrong guy and yes it happens that easily. For those disabled, they are even easier prey. But there is also factor of consent without understanding. Yes, I believe the 99% and believe it may even be understated.