June 16, 2017

Father’s Day snapshot

Today at Support for Special Needs:
When Schuyler and I walk together, she’ll still take my hand or lean against me. She’s more affectionate now than I probably have any right to expect. I always tell myself “You’d better enjoy this; one day she’ll be too embarrassed to show you much affection in public.” But I don’t know. She’s seventeen now, and while she’s still changing and learning so much as she rockets towards her future after high school, it’s starting to feel like we know the person she’s going to be. Looking at Schuyler now is to see the young woman she’s going to be, and probably already is. She’s got an impossibly big heart, and the hard world seems to be failing in its constant mission to shrink it.

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Richard Kovacs said...

I love what you just posted about Schuyler. A little lesson for all of us. Not to bend to peer pressure when our hearts tell us to show genuine affection for one another as opposed to showing coolness, toughness, or apathy. Your daughter is a lovely, tough, and independent young women who shines like a polished pearl in a sea of mediocrity. RK