December 24, 2008

A good review from some brain people

Schuyler's Brain
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An article about Schuyler's Monster appeared in the December 18, 2008 edition of Neurology Today, a publication of the American Academy of Neurology. It's a positive review and analysis of the book and its place in the ongoing discussion of the complicated relationship between physicians and the patients in their care.

The article, by Mary Jo Harbert, MD and Doris Trauner, MD, is titled "What We As Physicians Can Learn From Our Patients". The thing I like about this article is that it comes from a new perspective for me. This article is written by, and for, neurologists and physicians, and getting their stamp of approval means a great deal to me. More importantly, Drs. Harbert and Trauner understand one of the more important points I was hoping to make with the book.
"For doctors, this book reminds us that children with developmental disabilities also need to be challenged, just as neurotypical children do, so that they can maximize their potential."
That makes me happy.


giddy girlie said...

Absolutely! And congrats on yet another positive review!

Also, the MRI image reminds me of the ones that I had done a few months ago. When I showed my mom she said "I'd recognize that skull anywhere!" :) Which I suppose is helpful, if I ever need to be identified by my profile in x-ray!

Elizabeth said...

That's terrific -- congratulations. I know of Doris Trauner and believe that the organisation I helped found (PACE funded some of her research. I'm in the middle of your book right now and can hardly put it down.

Julia O'C said...

That is an amazing review - absolutely wonderful. I'm sending the link to everyone I know.

Monroegirl said...

Man, do I feel sloth-like reading this! All I've been doing is changing diapers and making bibs! How amazing are you! Congrats! Your family is helping so many others, in so many different ways. The sick part is, I am, of course, looking at Schuyler's brain and making comparisons to Mason's many MRIs....only amongst people like us would something like that happen! Anyway, kudos to you, and may you have a very enjoyable holiday season!

Nicole P said...

Pretty f**king cool.

Happy Holidays to you, Julie and Schuyler.


WriterGrrl said...

Freaking awesome. It's scary, but also empowering, to realize that no one loves our kids as much as we do. I refuse to let anyone dictate what my son can or can't do.

Linda Ball said...

I didn't know I could be more impressed with you than I already was, but there you go...getting the MDs attention? Priceless.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the good review!
I read the book a few months ago and found it very useful and informative. I am currently working towards my masters in speech-pathology and I found it very helpful to hear a story from the parents side. I hope to take the lessons I have learned from your book with me when I enter the "real world" and I hope I will be a better SLP because of it. I believe a copy of your book is waiting for me under our family Christmas tree!

Galen said...

I was pleased to read the review and to know that your book is being recommended to both parents and other physicians. I think it is very important reading for doctors, who really need some education regarding what parents deal with when they're raising a kid with disabilities: that roller coaster of emotions and expectations and the constant struggle to get the services their child needs. It's also great to hear a doc say that parents know their child better than anyone, because, as a parent and a therapist, I've seen doctors discount information from parents, as if it were only wishful thinking. Congrats on the review and on your contribution to educating folks.