July 27, 2017

Season of Change

This week at Support for Special Needs:
This will be Schuyler’s senior year in high school, so everything she does will be one in a series of “the last time I’ll get to do this” experiences. For Schuyler and kids like her, much more than for their neurotypical classmates, this is daunting. Schuyler’s future remains clear and imaginable, if not entirely predictable, for maybe ten months. After that, it’s a wall of creeping mist. Does it conceal rich and meaningful adult experiences, or is it a Stephen King kind of mist full of fear and danger and face-eating monsters? Your guess is as good as mine.

(NOTE: This will be my last post at Support for Special Needs for a few months; the site is going on a hiatus. I’ll continue blogging here after this week. The only change in the content will probably be more F-bombs. So you’ve got that to look forward to. My thanks to Support for Special Needs for giving me space to do my thing over the years. I hope to be back there in the near future.)


Unknown said...

Have you looked into local programs after Schuyler graduates . I run a church based one in Ga. These programs are not ideal but it may provide a temporary spot while she seeks appropriate employment.

I mention this only as around here we have a waiting list of around a year. The best programs are teacher led and have only around 12 high functioning clients . We have several clients who use ACC devices . They all have waiting lists. We are community based and participate in job training programs. It is an excellent option for our clients who have not yet found employment. This is only my opinion ofcourse.

There are other programs that are larger and more respite care than an active program with community outreach. ( also my opinion)

I am not sure what opportunities Plano offers but it may be similar to Macon.

I have been following your blog from the early days of Citizen Rob . It is as unique as your daughter is.

Teacher Sherry

Debra said...

I am ao sorry about Lulu. Truly.